Installation of Conventional Tube wells on 50% subsidy.
We offer a 50% subsidy for the installation of conventional tube wells, specifically catering to agricultural needs in Sindh.
Installation of Solar Powered Tube wells on 80% subsidy.
We offer an 80% subsidy for the installation of solar-powered tube wells, specifically benefiting the agricultural sector in Sindh, Pakistan.
To establish preservation facilities for fruit & vegetables
We aim to establish preservation facilities for fruits and vegetables in Sindh by installing Controlled Atmospheric Stores, Cold Storage units, and a Hot Water Treatment Plant at subsidized rates.
Provide Combined Harvesters
We offer the rental of Combined Harvesters for wheat and rice to farmers, facilitating their agricultural needs in Sindh
Assistance to district administration
We are committed to offering assistance to the District Administration during flood and rain emergencies, ensuring effective support and relief measures in critical times.
Heavy Equipment On Subsidized Rental
Our commitment is to provide farmers with access to drilling rigs, bulldozers, and backhoes, empowering them with the necessary equipment for efficient land development and agricultural operations.
Committed to Serve

As a vital arm of the government’s commitment to agricultural development, the Sindh Agriculture Engineering Department has been instrumental in shaping the region’s agricultural landscape since its establishment in the mid-1950s. Our multifaceted services encompass critical aspects of agricultural progress, including land development using heavy machinery such as bulldozers and backhoes, irrigation enhancement through drilling rigs and Hand Boring Plants, and precision agriculture facilitated by Laser Land Leveling Equipment. We take pride in equipping farmers with essential skills through tractor and implement operation training, while also providing them with access to subsidized agricultural implements. Our mandate extends to fostering sustainability through initiatives like solar-powered tube wells and fruit and vegetable preservation facilities. In times of natural calamities, we stand ready to provide essential emergency support. The Sindh Agriculture Engineering Department is unwavering in its commitment to advancing agriculture, improving rural livelihoods, and ensuring a prosperous future for our region

Tube Well Installation
Assistance in tube well installations with a 50% subsidy.
Solar Solutions
Offering an 80% subsidy for solar-powered tube wells to promote sustainable farming practices
Fruit & Vegetable Preservation
Establishment of preservation facilities, including Controlled Atmospheric Stores, Cold Storage, and Hot Water Treatment Plants
Precision Land Leveling
Access to Laser Land Leveling Equipment for precision land leveling, optimizing crop cultivation.
Environmental Friendliness
Commitment to eco-friendly practices for sustainable agriculture.
Hydraulic Solutions
Utilization of hydraulic machinery for efficient land and water management.

Land Development

Expertise in reclaiming and developing waste land using bulldozers and backhoes.

Irrigation Support

Provision of Power Drilling Rig Machines and Hand Boring Plants to supplement groundwater for irrigation

Agricultural Mechanization

Facilitation of agricultural mechanization by providing subsidized agricultural implements
Our visionary pursuit is to establish an indelible legacy in the realm of agricultural engineering, where we serve as a global benchmark for sustainable land development and mechanization practices. We envision a world where every inch of cultivable land is harnessed to its fullest potential, contributing significantly to global food security and rural prosperity. In this future, our Agricultural Engineering Department will stand at the forefront of innovation, research, and implementation. We aspire to be a dynamic hub of knowledge and expertise, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in agriculture. Our vision encompasses not only the physical transformation of unproductive land but also the profound transformation of lives. We see a world where farmers, empowered by our solutions, are not just growers of crops but stewards of sustainable agriculture. Their income and quality of life will soar as they embrace modern, efficient farming practices.
Our mission is to advance agriculture through innovative engineering solutions. We aim to reclaim and cultivate unproductive land, promote efficient water use, provide training to empower farmers, and facilitate agricultural mechanization to boost productivity and improve livelihoods.

Develop and reclaim waste land using bulldozers and backhoe operations to expand arable acreage.
Enhance irrigation capabilities by drilling wells and utilizing hand-boring plants to supplement groundwater resources.
Foster agricultural mechanization by offering subsidized agricultural implements to farmers.
Facilitate precision land leveling with rental access to laser land leveling equipment, promoting optimal crop cultivation practices for increased yields and sustainability.